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Hi, I'm Nicola!


I was inspired to pick up a piece of clay by my primary school art teacher. Still to this day, every time I pick up a ball of clay I feel like I am back in that classroom. 


Nicola's first pot: a hand-built turtle money holder made aged 8

Since then pottery has become the place where I lose myself completely. I find I am my most expressive with clay. I love the tactile nature of this material. I could honestly say I enjoy EVERY MOMENT of this age-old process of making a pot. 


Tiles hand made by Nicola in the studio

I am fascinated by the different styles of pottery and I like nothing more than spending time researching this ancient art form, particularly Japanese ceramic art. I am learning and discovering all the time including what happens when I create my own glazes.

Up until quite recently I was an itinerant potter snatching moments of quiet amidst the chaos of family life. It was the search for stillness during the crazy Covid world that provided me the opportunity to explore my pottery ‘habit’. Consequently, I have recently established ‘Nicola Martin Ceramics’ and create pots under my name for various galleries and shops. 


My mission is to create ‘one off, unique pottery pieces which you will treasure forever’. 


I hope you enjoy my pottery and thank you for visiting my website. 


Nicola at the wheel in her South Downs studio

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