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'Nicola makes beautiful pieces of pottery which are both stylish and unique.  I love her work and have bought several pieces both as gifts and for myself.'

Sarah Robson, The Haslemere Framing Co

'I wanted to say what a hit your beautiful Earth Bowl was with my husband on Valentine's Day. He just loved the colours and they reminded him of his favourite beach. He was quite overcome when he saw it.'


'The ramen bowls are just perfect. How I like things... they have soul.' 


'I commissioned Nicola to make me an Earth Bowl and a vase in her signature glaze and I am thrilled with them both! I love her work so much that I have since bought an additional vase. I love the colours and textures Nicola uses and the quality of her work is amazing. Nicola is passionate about what she does and it shows!.'



Commissioned 'Dancing' Bud Vases

'I am lucky enough to have several gorgeous Nicola Martin Ceramics bowls and vases. I love the interesting earthy glaze effects and the fact that each one has been created by hand with great love and passion.'


'Nicola’s pottery pieces make me smile every time I use them (daily) and they take pride of place in my house knowing not only will I love them, but these works of art make my food look its best. I particularly love Nicola's enthusiasm for
every piece she makes and her use of colour.'


'I have bought several pieces from Nicola and each one is unique and has been hand-crafted with attention to detail and a high-quality finish. Her passion for pottery and ceramics shines through her creations.' 


'Thank you Nicola, we adore our Earth Bowl and find the glaze mesmerising.

The deep sea blues and sandy hues transport us to our beloved Western Australian coast; the textures in the glaze intensify that connection with the earth.
It is a thing of beauty that will be cherished as a joy forever.' 



Commissioned EARTH BOWL

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