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First pot: a hand-built turtle money holder made aged 8

Hi, I'm Nicola!

I work from my garden studio in the South Downs. A background in languages informs my striving to communicate through ceramic art. My interests in ecology and conservation, and the message I convey through my work is a commentary on my love of nature and the environment.

My stoneware vessels have become a canvas onto which I ‘paint’ based on what I see in the world. Disturbing images of global warming have deeply affected me and these images, along with aerial photographs, have inspired me to create a series of ‘Earth Bowls’.

With these pieces I use a pouring technique, applying glazes in a free and intuitive way, creating patterns and effects that resemble the Earth’s surface seen from above. I enjoy the tension between the attempted control of the alchemy of different glazes and unpredictability of the outcome. The finished pieces express my awareness of the fragility of our Earth and form a visual record of its beauty.

I am passionate about understanding my craft and will shortly be completing a Diploma in Ceramics at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation in Chichester.

My mission is to create ‘one off, unique pottery pieces that you will treasure forever’. 


Nicola at the wheel in her South Downs studio

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